Local Services

Our Network

  • ƒƒFCm Travel Solutions partner agency in Ghana is Stellar Travel Ltd.
  • FCm Ghana is one of the country’s leading corporate travel agencies and has been providing services to the corporate market since 1991.
  • ƒƒThe business is part of the Stellar Group, which is a major supplier of support services to the travel, logistics, hospitality, retail, ship broking and mining sectors in West Africa.
  • ƒƒThe agency’s emphasis has always been on quality and reliability, which it has maintained throughout the growth and diversification of its products.
  • ƒFCm Ghana specializes in the provision of corporate travel services and has tailored its products and services to multinational organisations that have made Ghana their base.
  • ƒƒThe company specialises in the travel requirements of the oil and gas sector, mining industries, government, banking and non-governmental agencies.
  • It also services a wide range of commercial and private companies.

Local services:

FCm Ghana provides an extensive range of corporate travel services including:

  • ƒƒ airline ticketing, hotel booking and reservations
  • ƒƒ travel policy development
  • ƒƒ account management
  • ƒƒ supplier negotiations
  • ƒƒ car leasing and rentals
  • ƒƒ visas and immigration services
  • ƒƒ transfers
  • ƒƒ tour services
  • ƒƒ 24/7 emergency travel support.